Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Sacred Walk

A Sacred Walk is a slow meandering!

This is not an exercise walk, power walk, or even a slow jog. It's only purpose is to bring us into the moment as we take each step and simply go where those steps take us. A Sacred Walk is about using all six senses as we mindfully experience the life affirming activity of 'being'.

What do you see? Maybe a path that turns and disappears and seemingly has no end, mighty trees or tall grasses, brilliantly colored autumn leaves or the fresh budding of spring growth, clouds floating lazily in the sky or being shooed away by the wind.

What do you hear? Maybe the songs of the birds that have been sung since the beginning of time, or the playful chatter of squirrels running and chasing each other. Maybe the wind rustling in the leaves, or the crunch of dried leaves underfoot. An owl, a woodpecker - what else?

What do you smell? Can you sense the changing of the seasons in the air? Breathe in the wetness, the dryness, the freshness. Really taking in a deep breath of air can give us amazing insights as to what is close by or what might be coming our way.

What do you taste? What does a sprinkle of rain on the tip of your tongue taste like? Anything we can breathe in deeply we can almost taste - use your imagination, give it a try.

What do you feel? The cool morning breeze blowing through your hair, the warm afternoon sun shining down on you, the wetness of rain drops falling on your skin? What do the veins of a leaf feel like, the surface of a stone or the outer layer of a tree trunk?

What does your Soul, or intuition tell you about all that you experience during your Sacred Walk? Maybe to slow down and appreciate each moment before it passes, or perhaps to be more fully engaged in all of life that is such a precious gift. Ask if there is a message for you and listen for the answer. Sacred Walks are the most amazing way to tap into creativity, answers to questions, and the clearing of intrusive thoughts that seem to prevent us from moving forward in a joyful way.

On some of my Sacred Walks I have been given clear and profound messages from Spirit ~ on some of my walks I simply enjoy the intimacy with myself and nature ~ and on some walks I feel overwhelming gratitude for life. No matter the outcome, I've breathed in and enjoyed the moments of my life.

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  1. Hi Sherrie, it was great reading all the articles and the poem to your two daughters on your blog. Your messages are always inspirational. I love the book you co-authored and I already have an autographed copy from you. I am so grateful for the work you are doing with my friend. She has blossomed since your time with her; you have been great for her! Thanks for all you do!!