Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Beginnings!

I love New Beginnings!

For me, each new beginning is filled with possibility!

This blog is no exception. I am beginning again after not having written for several months. I see this as another new beginning and am just as excited as if it were the very first time.

Sometimes life presents events that seemingly get in the way of what we had intended to do, and it's important to go with the flow of life, as it has much to teach us. But then, life slows down and we have an opportunity to get back to the things that bring us joy each and every time we do them. We begin again!

It's important to remember to begin again ~ and again ~ and again if necessary, as it's so easy to get comfortable with the 'flatness' or the 'sameness' of our lives and not reach for the Intention of Joy. I intend Joy to be a part of each new beginning! Otherwise, why begin?

Each new moment of each new day ~ of each new week ~ of each new month ~ WOW it's endless! And then, of course there's each new idea, or thought, or aha moment! I literally get excited when I think of the vastness of possibilities within this never-ending newness! No matter what our life has been in the past, no matter the good or bad, each moment brings the gift of a new beginning!

So, what new experience in life's journey is just waiting for you? Setting the intention to begin something new, or something we have forgotten or let go of but that makes us happy, is a wonderful way to call into our experience a more joyful life. Do you desire; more fun, better health, more time for creativity, a more fullfilling work experience, more loving relationships ~ whatever it is, know that it begins NOW, with each choice we make in each moment, we move closer to - or farther away from our dreams and desires.

No matter how grand or how tiny, each New Beginning deserves to be honored! What might you begin today? Maybe you're going to 'begin again' as I am, or maybe it will be something for the very first time. In either case ~ how exciting!!

I'd love for you to share YOUR experience of New Beginnings!