Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Daydream to Passion

What is it you daydream about?

The reason it’s so important to pay attention to our daydreams is because those that are positive, uplifting and fun may hold the key to our Passion. Many of my clients tell me they don’t know what their passion in life really is, and I say “Pay attention to your daydreams!”.

Daydreams hold rich and abundant information.

If your thoughts tend to go toward something that feels good, for example planting a garden, stay with it and see where it leads you. You may wonder where you would plant a vegetable or flower garden and you begin to play with ideas of arranging a plot. You may like the idea of planting, tending and reaping the rewards of your care and attention to this garden. You might even imagine sharing the fruits of your labor and love with friends, family and neighbors! Even though you may never have planted a vegetable or flower garden before, or even think you have the space for one, you just can’t help thinking about it!

You actually may be stumbling upon a passion! If nurtured and not dismissed you may find you have a love and a talent for gardening. And there are so many ways to create space . . .

Maybe you daydream of starting your own business – what a great daydream! Jump in and investigate what it would take and how you would go about doing it. You just never know what the outcome will be. It feels amazing to move toward something you’ve only, until now, daydreamed about!

Perhaps you daydream about social justice. Do you dream about fairness, equality and compassion for all people? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of someone who had a daydream that became his Passion! He didn’t worry about what others thought of him. His dream was so powerful and important that he stepped into the role of a leader of his own personal daydream and encouraged others to follow him. He created the amazing potential for real change. His passion for his dream is one of the most inspiring of our time.

So, what is it you daydream about? Feed your daydreaming curiosity. Try doing what you dream about out and see if you like it. NO, see if you LOVE it! More often than not, you’ll find that you will.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Joy of Daydreaming!

What IS Daydreaming exactly?

According to Webster, ‘it’s a short-term detachment from the immediate surroundings, when a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a fantasy.’ Sounds like fun!

Fun and good for us! When the mind wanders in a 'day dream', ideas come either partially or completely formed from seemingly ‘out of the blue’, like a bolt of lightning out of a clear blue sky, or a vague half formed thought that needs time to incubate. In either case daydreams are full of information for us.

Many brilliant people credit their daydreams and imagination as the foundation of their creativity and genius. Einstein said: "When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge."

“Everything starts as somebody’s daydream.”
Larry Niven – Author

If daydreaming facilitates bursts of creative insight why don’t we consciously engage those moments more often? We have probably been discouraged from childhood and hold a belief that daydreaming is a waste of time. Well, now we know the truth! It’s actually a creative endeavor that can provide wondrous results!

Here’s how to begin . . .

1) Make space for daydreaming and allow your mind to wander.
A slow walk in nature is perfect for allowing a clearing of the mind so
that it has space to wander.
Look out a window and watch the birds or clouds or raindrops.
Cloud watching is fascinating and causes us to use our imagination to
create images out of vapor!

2) Ask the ‘What if?’ questions. Daydreaming the answers is fun and insightful.
What if money were no object where would I travel?
What if I had three wishes – what would they be?
What if I could pursue anything I wanted (and there were no barriers) what
would it be?

3) Keep a ‘Daydream Diary” to capture interesting or reoccurring daydreams,
there’s something in there for you to know. Pay attention to the signs and
symbols and explore what they mean to you.

4) Share your daydreams with trusted friends and family, they will support your
dreams becoming reality!

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake!”
Flower - Aspiring writer.

Now, let’s get to it! What are your daydreams?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating the Future!

Releasing the past and creating the future takes courage!

I, for one, don’t often feel courageous. However, there are little things I intend to pay more attention to so that 2013 becomes alive with more joy!

Here is my list:

1.) Challenge my beliefs about what I think I can and can’t do.

It’s so easy to let beliefs go unchallenged – this year I will not allow old beliefs to predict unwanted outcomes. The first belief I challenge is ‘I probably can’t grow my Soul Coaching ® practice in a down economy.” My new belief, “I’ll work with enthusiasm and dedication doing what I love and the practice will grow, just watch!”

2.) Release something from my life that doesn’t serve me.

I’m working to release judgment. It’s so devious and insidious, and sometimes it pops up before I even know it’s there! Not only does it not serve me it is destructive to myself and others. So, I’ll work to replace it with the quest to see the ‘face of God’ in everyone, and the ‘hand of God’ in everything. This is a quest worth being on!

3.) Really open my senses to the world around me.

For me ‘wonder and awe’ are in the little things; the laugh of my daughters and grandsons, the colors of the autumn leaves, the feel of flannel sheets on a cold night, a really good red wine! But I wonder do I miss wonders around me? I believe I can be even more open to the joy and wonder of life and I intend to capture those moments on a daily basis!

4.) Learn one new thing.

What will it be? This question is fun to contemplate! Will it be jewelry making or writing poetry or maybe quilting – I haven’t decided yet, but it will be something fun and creative!

As we continue to move into the New Year, a year with more questions than answers ~ may you know the wisdom of your Soul and the power of Spirit. Remember the wonders of creation and the direct access we have to God. I send Love and wishes for an amazing year ahead!

So, what might you do to move with courage into 2013 to make it a joyful and creative year?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year ~ 2013!!
January ~ The Dreams to Come

Reflection & Anticipation

January is a wonderful and complex month. When I explore the origins of January, I find the meaning and symbolism to be from Roman mythology.

Janus is represented by the ‘two-headed’ or ‘two-faced’ god, one face looking back and reflecting on the past, and one face turned in anticipation toward the future.

Janus is also the god of doors and gateways; goings and comings, closings and openings, endings and beginnings. What an amazing balance of the past and the future ~ right in the present!

As I take time to reflect on the past year, I’m filled with gratitude. Not that 2012 didn’t hold disappointment and heartache, setbacks and sadness, because it did for me and countless others. But I also feel an enormous depth of gratitude because I made it through with faith and with love more often than not! It’s not been easy for me to learn that it’s ok to feel disappointment, sadness and heartache, which is of course just part of life. The feelings are not to be judged, they are to be felt and acknowledged and allowed to be until I choose to move into thoughts and feelings that bring surrender, forgiveness and peace.

I’ve also experienced much happiness and excitement, love and surprises, and continue to know that when I get out of my own way and not judge the moment as good or bad, I’m able to be grateful for the entire year and the whole of my life.

In looking forward to 2013 with anticipation ~ believing we are moving into a new ‘era’ ~ I’m feeling excitement and awe. The enormity of the future is at our fingertips and that can also be a bit scary! What will I think, believe, and do to create the best possible year of my life? Since we all have this ability to design the life we dream of, what will you think, believe and do to create the next year of your life?