Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year ~ 2013!!
January ~ The Dreams to Come

Reflection & Anticipation

January is a wonderful and complex month. When I explore the origins of January, I find the meaning and symbolism to be from Roman mythology.

Janus is represented by the ‘two-headed’ or ‘two-faced’ god, one face looking back and reflecting on the past, and one face turned in anticipation toward the future.

Janus is also the god of doors and gateways; goings and comings, closings and openings, endings and beginnings. What an amazing balance of the past and the future ~ right in the present!

As I take time to reflect on the past year, I’m filled with gratitude. Not that 2012 didn’t hold disappointment and heartache, setbacks and sadness, because it did for me and countless others. But I also feel an enormous depth of gratitude because I made it through with faith and with love more often than not! It’s not been easy for me to learn that it’s ok to feel disappointment, sadness and heartache, which is of course just part of life. The feelings are not to be judged, they are to be felt and acknowledged and allowed to be until I choose to move into thoughts and feelings that bring surrender, forgiveness and peace.

I’ve also experienced much happiness and excitement, love and surprises, and continue to know that when I get out of my own way and not judge the moment as good or bad, I’m able to be grateful for the entire year and the whole of my life.

In looking forward to 2013 with anticipation ~ believing we are moving into a new ‘era’ ~ I’m feeling excitement and awe. The enormity of the future is at our fingertips and that can also be a bit scary! What will I think, believe, and do to create the best possible year of my life? Since we all have this ability to design the life we dream of, what will you think, believe and do to create the next year of your life?


  1. Very insightful! I love the mix of hope with reality! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I appreciate your comment ~ thank you for reading. There will be more to come!