Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating the Future!

Releasing the past and creating the future takes courage!

I, for one, don’t often feel courageous. However, there are little things I intend to pay more attention to so that 2013 becomes alive with more joy!

Here is my list:

1.) Challenge my beliefs about what I think I can and can’t do.

It’s so easy to let beliefs go unchallenged – this year I will not allow old beliefs to predict unwanted outcomes. The first belief I challenge is ‘I probably can’t grow my Soul Coaching ® practice in a down economy.” My new belief, “I’ll work with enthusiasm and dedication doing what I love and the practice will grow, just watch!”

2.) Release something from my life that doesn’t serve me.

I’m working to release judgment. It’s so devious and insidious, and sometimes it pops up before I even know it’s there! Not only does it not serve me it is destructive to myself and others. So, I’ll work to replace it with the quest to see the ‘face of God’ in everyone, and the ‘hand of God’ in everything. This is a quest worth being on!

3.) Really open my senses to the world around me.

For me ‘wonder and awe’ are in the little things; the laugh of my daughters and grandsons, the colors of the autumn leaves, the feel of flannel sheets on a cold night, a really good red wine! But I wonder do I miss wonders around me? I believe I can be even more open to the joy and wonder of life and I intend to capture those moments on a daily basis!

4.) Learn one new thing.

What will it be? This question is fun to contemplate! Will it be jewelry making or writing poetry or maybe quilting – I haven’t decided yet, but it will be something fun and creative!

As we continue to move into the New Year, a year with more questions than answers ~ may you know the wisdom of your Soul and the power of Spirit. Remember the wonders of creation and the direct access we have to God. I send Love and wishes for an amazing year ahead!

So, what might you do to move with courage into 2013 to make it a joyful and creative year?

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