Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Praise of Napping!

Dream of taking a nap?

From my experience, and those of my fellow nappers, taking a break in the middle of the day to relax and rejuvenate is one of the wisest things we can do for ourselves!

We all know the benefits of taking a "time out", but too few of us actually do it. FYI ~ taking care of others is a more joyful experience when we've also taken care of ourselves. It's simple ~ we can give more and do more when we replenish ourselves as well. When we view napping in this way, it's not a selfish act to close our eyes and drift into sleep, it's an act of service!

Feelings of prolonged physical or emotional fatigue or overwhelm due to personal or business reasons comes at a price to our health. However, taking a nap can ease those difficult feelings by the simple act of rest. In western cultures resting is sometimes viewed as being lazy - how dreadful! We've lost the 'knowing' that resting is vitally important for body and soul.

So, I'm going to share the most important reason for taking a nap.

Because you want to! Yes, that's it, that's all the reason you need. I am the Napping Queen and I give you permission! Lay down, close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax your body, imagine yourself in a very calm and restful place, and let you mind drift off into sleep. M m m m m m.....

Now doesn't that feel good?!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Dream Come True!

I'm filled with such joy and love as I share this fantastic news with you. This past week I received an email from my publisher at Soul Wings Press, letting me know that the book I co-authored, Soul Whispers: Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World, has just been released for purchase on!!!

Soul Whispers has been honored as an Award-Winning Finalist for Best Anthology: Non-Fiction, in the 2010 Internation Book Awards!

This has been such an amazing experience for me as well as the other talented authors. I am forever grateful to my publisher Sohpia Fairchild's loving work on this project and the fulfillment of a vision I've held for many years.

I've long dreamed to leave something of value for my daughters to light their way when I'm no longer with them in the physical realm. I can think of no better light than wise words shared by amazing women from all around the world that have a soul connection!

Soul Whispers is a collection of writings about how to live a more joyful and authentic life. My contribution to this amazing work is on the topic of 'Synchronicity', which seems to be my constant companion! Other chapters range from 'Transitions' and 'The Bad Girl's Soul Coach' to 'Remembering Who We Are', and many other wise and wonderful contributions.

I'd be so happy if you'd check it out at

If you've already read Soul Whispers I'd be so happy if you'd write a review on Amazon. If you'd like a signed copy just let me know . . . . I have a few left!

Thank you for letting me share this wonderful news with you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Sacred Walk

A Sacred Walk is a slow meandering!

This is not an exercise walk, power walk, or even a slow jog. It's only purpose is to bring us into the moment as we take each step and simply go where those steps take us. A Sacred Walk is about using all six senses as we mindfully experience the life affirming activity of 'being'.

What do you see? Maybe a path that turns and disappears and seemingly has no end, mighty trees or tall grasses, brilliantly colored autumn leaves or the fresh budding of spring growth, clouds floating lazily in the sky or being shooed away by the wind.

What do you hear? Maybe the songs of the birds that have been sung since the beginning of time, or the playful chatter of squirrels running and chasing each other. Maybe the wind rustling in the leaves, or the crunch of dried leaves underfoot. An owl, a woodpecker - what else?

What do you smell? Can you sense the changing of the seasons in the air? Breathe in the wetness, the dryness, the freshness. Really taking in a deep breath of air can give us amazing insights as to what is close by or what might be coming our way.

What do you taste? What does a sprinkle of rain on the tip of your tongue taste like? Anything we can breathe in deeply we can almost taste - use your imagination, give it a try.

What do you feel? The cool morning breeze blowing through your hair, the warm afternoon sun shining down on you, the wetness of rain drops falling on your skin? What do the veins of a leaf feel like, the surface of a stone or the outer layer of a tree trunk?

What does your Soul, or intuition tell you about all that you experience during your Sacred Walk? Maybe to slow down and appreciate each moment before it passes, or perhaps to be more fully engaged in all of life that is such a precious gift. Ask if there is a message for you and listen for the answer. Sacred Walks are the most amazing way to tap into creativity, answers to questions, and the clearing of intrusive thoughts that seem to prevent us from moving forward in a joyful way.

On some of my Sacred Walks I have been given clear and profound messages from Spirit ~ on some of my walks I simply enjoy the intimacy with myself and nature ~ and on some walks I feel overwhelming gratitude for life. No matter the outcome, I've breathed in and enjoyed the moments of my life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Send Blessings

The offer of a blessings is a way of sending good will to others.

There is plenty of negativity and fear all around us, and sometimes it's not easy to see that there is something we can do to help ourselves and others feel better ~ but there is!

Offer a Blessing!
Yes, it's that easy.

A blessing is the infusion of something with Divine Holiness - as in a prayer.

Blessings can be for people, places, situations, anything that would benefit from the outpouring of love. We can bless our friends and family, our enemies, the situations we find ourselves in, our planet, and our future. It can be concrete or abstract. And that's joy of it because it's all about intention and imagination!

It's as easy as this ~ Think of who or what you want to bless. Think of what attributes you want to enhance or create, imagine your purest intention for the very best outcome, and then express it in some way.

It feels amazing to give and receive blessings like;
"May you know deep and everlasting peace."
"May your heart be filled with joy."
"May your dreams be realized and celebrated."
"May you love and be loved beyond measure."
"May peace envelop our world, our nation and our communities."

The love we give, in blessing others, comes back to us as a blessing for ourselves! Remember ~ what we put out is what we get back!! Kate Nowak designed a beautiful movie entitled "May You Be Blessed", please enjoy it as a blessing from me to you!

See it at