Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Compassion

Why is it that showing compassion for others is easier than showing compassion for ourselves?

We can be so hard on ourselves (I know I can!). We can be unforgiving, disappointed, critical, judgemental, and non-loving with ourselves. And, of course, this makes us feel awful. I, for one, don't want to feel that way, I'm shooting for joyful! So, what if we practiced the same compassion we have for others ~ on ourselves? We're not perfect and that's ok - why, because it's a fact of life. So let's make peace with it!

How do we make peace with that voice in our head that is so critical of us? First, give it a name! Yes, that's right, a name. The critic in my head is called 'Gabby' because she has an opinion on almost everything and can go on forever about it! However, when she begins to voice her displeasure, she's simply thanked for her input and dismissed. After a lot of practice, I now find myself laughing about it which lightens my mood! I can then come back into my awareness of compassion and choose to be kinder to myself, as I would a friend. If we have experience soothing a friend or loved one then we are fully capable of expressing compassion for ourselves. It just takes practice.

Self compassion is about moving from feeling 'awful' to feeling 'full of awe' for ourselves!


  1. Thank you for this, Sherrie. I am reading Eat Pray Love. Your thoughts remind me of the struggles the author has at the Ashram learning to only allow positive thoughts in her head. I will name my negative voice and talk to her as you have done. I believe it will help.