Sunday, September 12, 2010

Listen to Yourself

Who or what do we listen to most of the time and on a regular basis to the exclusion of our own voice? Our family, friends, "professionals", the media? Why? We have our own absolute truth waiting to be heard if we're ready and willing to listen.

That voice inside each of us is sometimes called; Intuition, Conscience, Higher Power, Inner Voice, our Soul, even our Gut . . . whatever you call it, we all have it. And, it's there for a very good reason, to guide us on life's path. I believe it comes from our Divine Source and is there for the good of ourselves, others, the planet and all of life.

Many of us have been taught not to pay much attention to it. We've been taught well by our families, teachers, religious leaders, friends, the media. And, many of us are very good learners. We've learned to ignor, rationalize away, bury, question and ridicule those important messages from deep within us. But we intuitivily know in a deep sacred place that it speaks the truth. AND we can choose to listen!

Listen to what your body has to tell you.
Listen to what your thoughts have to tell you.
Listen to what your soul has to tell you.

Be still, ask questions and listen for the answers. Do this again and again until you 'know' your truth. If your body hurts talk to it and ask what is causing the discomfort. If your thoughts are not lifting you up, ask where the negativity is coming from. If your soul is whispering to you, what is it saying?

By ignoring or discounting these soul messages we can become ill of body, mind or spirit. We become unhappy, make decisions that don't serve our highest good, hurt ourselves or others, and feel disconnected from our own lives.

But when we LISTEN to our inner voice, which only tells us the truth, we tap into the Divine Knowledge of the universe. Wow, how awesome is that and what power it holds!!

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  1. Fantastic! It's what you've been teaching me for years, "Listen to have all the answers". Love you!